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All Hands In


At Love Is The Answer we believe in Being Kind.

We believe in Paying It Forward.

We believe in being good people and helping and protecting those that can't speak for or protect themselves.

Below are some of the causes we believe in and are happy to help where we can to improve those helping in these areas to do more good.

Our Mission - Helping THOSE who help OTHERS so they can do more good.

- Domestic Violence

- Women's Rights

- Hunger and Homelessness

- Violence

- Equality

- First Australians | First Nations Peoples | Indigenous pride

- Gender Inequality

- Feeding those in need

- Mental Health Issues


- Discrimination of any kind

- Sexual Abuse and Grooming

- Abortion Rights

- Racial Discrimination and Injustice

- Healthcare Availability

- Psychological Safety


- Aged Care

- Poverty

- Youth Unemployment

- Environment and Climate Change

- Refugee crisis

- Unemployment

- Drug and Alcohol abuse

- Civil and Human Rights and Access to Justice

- Clean Energy

- Drug testing party drugs at events

- Gun Control

- Vegan and Animal Rights


Causes we Support xo: Welcome
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