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Mission 1

Helping THOSE who help OTHERS

klek services   - The operational arm of Love Is The Answer. Save money, Make money, Avoid risk.

We help other Social Enterprises, Charities and Organisations that are helping OTHERS - with their procurement, operations, efficiency, performance, sales and marketing. We also work in the corporate market utilising our experience and contacts to help us grow financially.

Mission 2

Disaster Relief Fund

We plan to change the way that people and families are treated during the immediate days following natural disasters and the financial help they receive which we believe is insufficient.​ This Mission will have a significant impact on survivors lives and allow them to have some pride, dignity and choice.

LITA DRF LOGO final 20211204.JPG

Mission 3

Animal and People Healing Sanctuary

Near Forster in NSW, we will be creating a place of healing where trauma affected animals and people can come together on their journey. The sanctuary will also involve the local Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Community in special ways to improve outcomes for all in the Local Community, as well as across Australia.

Mission 4

Events and Projects

Once we have the Sanctuary established we will hold amazing Events and run Projects for people from the local community and all over to attend. From Open Days to special courses for helping you find yourself again and to helping troubled youth find a better path in life to follow. But we are not waiting for the Sanctuary to start. We start early 2022!

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