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[FSX] Razbam Metroliner Skidrow Reloaded marrcar




A stunning looking plane with a complex history. In the early 1990s the USSR built a number of large freighters for domestic transport within the USSR. These are usually referred to as "Metroliners". In total there were at least a dozen, although this was never fully confirmed. They seem to have been used for moving freight over long distances where they were seen as a more efficient alternative to rail freight. The second part of the project was to export some of them to Romania, most likely due to instability within the USSR at the time. The original Metroliners were built in the 1980's, but the second batch are a bit later, from the early 90s. They are still quite large, some being 450m long. In Russia a number of them are also built in a special style, but this isn't the case in Romania. For some reason they are more common there than in Russia. The exact number of them is also unknown. The Metroliner III is supposed to be the "ultimate" version, and was actually offered for sale in Russia. These were probably sold as one of many examples of the '50th' anniversary of the USSR, which were quite common. Many of these were later bought back, so it's unclear what became of the original examples. Because of the extra power, the capability and control systems are also much more advanced than on the earlier models. They even had an autopilot system, allowing a pilot to enter their destination and arrive automatically. The first screenshot shows a plane cruising over the ocean. This must be from Romania, as the blue patch is the same as the one on the aircraft. The second one is probably taken from the same flight, but is from a slightly lower level. The last screenshot shows the Metroliner III from a similar angle as the first one. As mentioned above there were originally at least a dozen Metroliners. Of these most were sold to the USSR, who then sold them to Romania. The aircraft that was most heavily used in this role was the "CSA SA-227 BC". The one in the second screenshot is probably this aircraft, as it has the blue patch on the upper fuselage as well as the N-number. It was mainly used by the USSR and later the CIS, so it's likely it was the one seen in the first screenshot. There are many reports of other aircraft being used, but the only source for this is a forum





[FSX] Razbam Metroliner Skidrow Reloaded marrcar

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